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Hitachi Construction Machinery

News article

Hitachi develop new oil sensors
08 September 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Japanese firm develops unique sensors that monitor quality of engine and hydraulic oil in excavators

Hitachi ZX350LCN-6 excavator
29 August 2017 | Plant & Equipment

French demolition firm bolsters machinery fleet with nine excavators in response to upturn in business activity

Hitachi ZX490LCH-6 excavator
25 July 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Ceske sterkopisky spol s.r.o. strengthen machinery fleet with ZX490LCH-6 unit

Hitachi ZX300LCN-6 excavator
04 July 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Baggerbetrieb Fred Walther invest in new ZX300LCN-6 excavator for asphalt recycling project

Hitachi ZW310-6 wheel loader
01 July 2017 | Plant & Equipment

German recycling operator acquires ZW310-6 wheel loader for waste-management duties

Hitachi ZW370-6
01 May 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Niemisen Sora Oy purchase new ZW370-6 wheel loader for load and haul operations

Hitachi ZW310-6 wheel loader
14 March 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Company bolsters mobile plant fleet with new Stage IV-compliant Zaxis-6 wheel loader

Hitachi ZX300LCN-6 excavator
17 January 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Leal & Soares SA purchase new ZX300LCN-6 excavator to help boost productivity

Hitachi dash-6 range
26 November 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Company introduces latest phase of Zaxis-6 excavators and ZW-6 wheel loaders for European markets

Hitachi ZW180-5 excavator
15 November 2016 | Plant & Equipment

New fleet of Hitachi machines ensures reliability and durability for Lindum

Hitachi ZX250LC-6
12 November 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Durability is key as BB og Synir take delivery of the country’s first ZX250LC-6 machine

Hitachi ZX530LCH-6 at Guena Quarry
06 November 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Sotravi Group purchase ZX530LCH-6 machine for granite operation in Brittany

Hitachi ZW310-6 wheel loader
22 October 2016 | Plant & Equipment

New Hitachi machines prove their productivity and reliability at Italian steelworks

Hitachi excavator
11 October 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Morten Gultvedt Entreprenør AS purchases new ZX490LCH-6 excavator for demanding construction project

Three-year extended warranty on Hitachi ZW wheel loaders
13 September 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Company initiates three-year extended warranty scheme for ZW wheel loader range