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New Hitachi wheel loader for waste-management sector

Hitachi ZW180-5 wheel loader

Japanese manufacturer unveils new ZW180-5 medium wheel-loader at Intermat 2015

ONE of the key exhibits on the Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) stand at Intermat was the company’s latest ZW180-5 wheel loader model. Specially designed for the rigours of waste handling sites and other similar challenging working conditions, the machine is fitted with guards to protect the bucket cylinder from falling debris and the cab from objects that can cause damage to the front windscreen.

In addition, there are two belly guards (front and rear) fitted underneath the wheel loader to safeguard vital components, such as the driveshaft and powertrain, respectively. All of these options are highly recommended by HCME for waste-handling and demolition applications.


Among the features that help owners to reduce service and maintenance costs is the engine filtration system. It incorporates a ‘Turbo 2’ system that draws air from the upper filter through a protective screen at the top of the unit. The incoming air spins and causes the dust and dirt to separate from the air.

An automatic reversible cooling fan is fitted as standard on the Hitachi ZW180-5. It prevents clogging of the radiators by changing the rotation of the fan every 30min on the machine, while there is also a manual option for the operator to engage in the cab.

There are optional anti-clogging radiators that have been designed with a wide-pitch core and square-shaped fins. These, say HCME, allow particles to pass easily through to prevent blockages and reduce the risk of overheating through enhanced airflow.

The all-important visibility for the operator is significantly enhanced by a number of safety features that aid productivity, especially in poor light, darkness and dusty environments. Additional working lights can be mounted to the front and rear of the cab, and protection (fitted as standard) for the front headlights helps to safeguard against falling debris.

An optional rear-view camera and monitor provides better visibility while reversing – these are recommended in narrow spaces or for areas where others are working, helping to minimize the risk of damaging the machine while improving worker safety.

There are several types of levers available on the Hitachi ZW180-5 wheel loader to suit different operator needs. The optional auxiliary lever is suitable for hydraulic attachments, such as grapples and high-tip buckets. There is also a new optional cab panel with duct that allows easier installation of an additional pressurized cab filter, creating a better working environment for the waste operator.

Vasilis Drougkas, wheel loader product specialist for HCME, commented: ‘The ZW180-5 belongs to one of the most popular classes of wheel loaders in Europe, so this highlights its importance to the Hitachi product line-up. We believe this durable model is ideal for handling materials such as waste, and Hitachi provides a wide range of options that help to enhance the levels of productivity, safety, durability and operator comfort for companies working in this sector of the market.’


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