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New Hitachi machines for Swedish construction firm

Hitachi ZX140W-5 excavator

Transschakt invest in new fleet of Hitachi wheeled excavators including five ZX140W-5 models 

IN response to an increased number of contracts gained in the Swedish public sector, Transschakt have invested in a fleet of new Hitachi wheeled excavators. And the five ZX140W-5 units and two ZX170W-5 machines are proving popular due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness for projects in and around the city of Uppsala, north of the capital Stockholm.

According to Transschakt, the Zaxis-5 machines have demonstrated their flexibility, as they can easily move around between sites and even pull trailers carrying a wide range of attachments. The wheeled excavators also protect working environments from unnecessary damage and the low emissions and noise levels have been beneficial in urban environments.

‘The newer the machine, the better for us and our customers,’ commented Pelle Jensen, owner of Transschakt. ‘We highly recommend the latest Zaxis-5 machines as they are quieter and comply with the latest emission regulations. The wheeled excavators also incur reduced transport costs, as they can travel around the city and add to the versatility of our fleet, so that we can react positively to the needs of our customers.’

The construction firm currently operates 40 Zaxis machines for earthmoving, utility and general construction projects. The machine line up includes a ZX29U-3 mini and ZX290LC-5 medium excavator, all supplied by Swedish Hitachi dealers Delvator.

Mr Jensen confirmed that all his operators have been impressed by the new Hitachi excavators. He said: ‘Our operators are ‘married’ to their machines, as each one is assigned to an individual Hitachi excavator. Highly skilled and experienced operators are so important to our business. If they have been operating for 10 years or more and are working with the latest Zaxis-5 machinery, then they can help us to win tenders on a points-based system and even become a condition of the contract.’

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