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28 July 2019 | Plant & Equipment

Renold Gears extend log-washer service life with robust, custom-built heavy-duty gearboxes

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Renold Gears
05 February 2018 | Plant & Equipment

Company says dedicated service and repair team offers widest range of options for all industrial gear units

Tagged in: RenoldMaintenance
Renold's RBI rubber-in-compression coupling
29 June 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Latest rubber-in-compression couplings offer increased safety and higher torque

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3D CAD image of log washer gear unit
15 June 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Renold Gears design bespoke solution for manufacturer of heavy-duty coarse-material log-washers

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Renold Gears launch Service Exchange Programme
10 November 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Renold Gears launch Service Exchange Programme for rapid gearbox replacement

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Renold Gears introduce new SmartGearbox system
10 August 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Latest gearbox incorporates highly sensitive real-time oil condition monitoring system

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Renold gears
14 July 2016 | Plant & Equipment

Renold Gears publish new eight-page guide to their full range of products and services

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Renold SMX series gearbox
26 March 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Shaft-mounted gearbox range now added to the company’s ‘off-the-shelf’ delivery service scheme

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Renold coupling
12 March 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Company says rubber-in-compression couplings can help reduce operational downtime at cement plants

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Renold SH sprag clutch holdback
19 February 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Heavy-duty backstop series provides effective safety solution for inclined conveyors and bucket elevators

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Renold Coupling guide
29 May 2014 | Plant & Equipment

Renold Hi-Tec Couplings publish first PDF guide in newly launched series of Info.Base publications

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Screen shot from Renold's safety video
19 November 2013 | Plant & Equipment

New video demonstrates the dangers stalled inclined conveyors pose to employees and plant