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Increasing uptime with Renold Hi-Tec Couplings

Renold coupling

Company says rubber-in-compression couplings can help reduce operational downtime at cement plants

ACCORDING to Alan Dean, business development director of Renold Hi-Tec Couplings, cement manufacturers can reduce maintenance and downtime by fitting rubber-in-compression couplings on arduous applications such as grinding mills, kilns, conveyors and fans.

Halifax-based Renold Hi-Tec say rubber-in-compression couplings are the most reliable solution for heavy-duty applications because, thanks to their design and construction, they are intrinsically fail-safe and maintenance-free.

The rubber-in-compression couplings consist of two strong round metal sections that fit one inside the other with what look like the paddles of a paddle steamer projecting inwards from the outer section and outwards from the inner part.

Rubber blocks are placed in the spaces between the paddles and, as the outer section is turned by the engine, it drives the inner section through the rubber blocks. As this happens, the rubber is compressed, hence the term ‘rubber-in-compression’.

According to Renold Hi-Tec, there are no wearing components in this type of coupling and the rubber blocks are totally encased in metal providing reliable operation at all times, including the most arduous applications.

The rubber blocks in the couplings eliminate backlash and are carefully chosen for each application to significantly reduce vibration, shock loading and torque amplification that would otherwise reduce the life of plant and equipment causing premature fatigue failure. The maintenance-free couplings eliminate the need to shut down plant and equipment for lubrication and are said to provide years of safe and trouble-free servicing.

Meanwhile, Renold Clutches & Couplings have enhanced their Rapid Response coupling delivery service to offer same-day dispatch from their factory in Cardiff to customers placing orders before 3pm. The company offers a wide range of products and with more than £1 million of stock, the Rapid Response same-day dispatch service is available on all of its most popular coupling ranges.

Replacement coupling elements are also available for same-day dispatch, either direct from the Cardiff factory or from Renold’s network of major industrial distributors. Products include: spider elements; wrap elements; disc elements; and a range of Pinflex and Crown Pin buffers.

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