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JCB unveil ‘go-faster’ compact loader

JCB 407 compact loader

High travel speed and high-traction options now available for JCB 407 compact wheel loader

JCB are to offer both high travel speed and high-traction options for their popular 407 compact wheel loader, further enhancing the versatility and performance of the highly productive loading shovel and materials handling solution.

The high-speed axle option will deliver maximum travel speeds of up to 35km/h and will sit alongside the existing 20km/h axle option. The higher-speed axles are available in standard open differential format or with a limited-slip differential in the front axle, for improved loader performance.

Operation is similar to the larger 409 compact wheel loader, with the existing two-mode rocker switch on the joystick and a second high-speed rocker switch located on the right-hand console. This switch controls the increase in speed from 20 to 35km/h. The higher-speed machine features a 150mm longer wheelbase and an additional 100kg in operating weight.

JCB will also offer a locking differential front axle for the 407, available with both the 20km/h and 35km/h options. To use the front diff-lock, the operator simply holds down a diff-lock activation switch on the loader joystick for the time that they require the axle to be locked. This prevents the axle lock remaining activated when it is not required.

Equipped with a spacious and comfortable operator’s cab, the JCB 407 is a 1.0 cubic metre capacity compact wheel loader with an operating weight of 5,097kg. It is powered by an efficient 48kW (64hp) JCB Diesel by Kohler engine and has a two-speed hydrostatic transmission for easy operation.

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