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Improved visibility for Ammann heavy tandem rollers

Ammann ARX 140

New ARX 140 and ARX 160 machines come with features for improved safety and productivity

TWO new heavy articulated tandem rollers from Ammann have been designed to provide operators with fingertip steering and unparalleled visibility.

The Ammann ARX 140 and ARX 160 articulated tandem rollers, with operating weights of 16 tonnes, provide 360º visibility from the operator station, made possible through a redesign that integrates four ROPS posts directly in the main structure and near the doors – not in the cab corners.


‘This provides operators with an exceptional view of the entirety of the machine,’ said Vlastimil Medek, head commercial manager for heavy compaction. ‘You can see this change by simply looking at the machines. There are no front and rear crossbeams. This redesign improves both safety and productivity.’

In addition to the ROPs post relocation, well-designed and positioned fuel and water tanks help improve sight lines to all drum edges and surfaces.

While the machines are compact, the cab is spacious and extremely quiet. It is suspended and isolated from external heat and vibration.

The machines fit well on a wide range of jobsites but are most productive if used in high-volume asphalt applications such as highways, industrial areas, or airfields. Their high static deadweights are a perfect fit as finishing/ironing static rollers or as a compaction tool for sensitive materials.

Varied vibratory settings increase or decrease compaction output for even more precise compaction control and higher quality.

The advanced operator station has integrated, centralized controls that are located near the operator and easy to reach at all times, regardless of the seat position. This reduces reaction times and improves safety.

The operator’s seat is fully adjustable and rotates 270° to optimize visibility from the cab. The machine is equipped with fingertip steering (FTS), making it more operator friendly, comfortable, and easy to control. FTS replaces the traditional steering wheel and allows operators to keep both hands on the armrests for improved comfort. FTS also offers advanced palm support that prevents fatigue and injuries from repetitive motions.

A new 10in control display helps operators run all machine functions simply, safely, and quickly. This includes vibratory parameters, lights, and ACEforce – Ammann’s advanced Continuous Compaction Control system.

In addition to displaying machine functions, the monitor provides an overview of fluid levels, indicators, and machine status and warnings. The display is installed on an adjustable support, located in front of the operator, and moves with the seat for easy viewing. All these features – a symmetrical cab, unique operating station, and rotating seat – are keys to using the machines in forward and reverse without limits.

The operating width of the ARX 140 and ARX 160 is 2,130mm. Standard on both rollers is a two-stage vibratory system with a multiple range of frequencies that helps operators precisely adjust compaction output. The adjustable frequencies ranging from 35–50Hz and are able deliver compaction output in the range of 61–136kN per drum.

A new Ammann initiative, ECOdrop, makes all new products significantly more environmentally friendly – and profitable. It includes fuel efficiency and reductions in the volume of fluids required. Accessible service points also save time and reduce spillage.

On the Ammann ARX 140 and ARX 160, ECOdrop:

  • Utilizes ECOmode, which improves fuel economy and reduces consumption
  • Improves drum drive systems and reduces gearbox oil usage by 50% compared with the previous generation of machines
  • Reduces drum bearing oil bath fluid by 6%
  • Uses a maintenance-free articulation joint.

The rollers are available in two main emission stages. The machine version for high emission-restricted countries fulfils US EPA Tier 4f / EU Stage V norms. These machines are equipped with Perkins 904J diesel engines with a power output of 100kW (134hp) and EGR+DOC+DPF+SCR after-treatment technology.

Machines for less-regulated countries (US EPA Tier 3 / EU Stage IIIA) are equipped with a Perkins 1104D with a power output of 106kW (142hp) without an after-treatment system.

The machines need only be fuelled once every two shifts because of their large 180-litre capacity tank, well-balanced hydraulic system, and ECOmode’s control of rev/min and the reduced fuel consumption it provides.

Maintenance is faster and more convenient thanks to a highly accessible engine compartment with a robust design that protects all major components. All maintenance and service points are accessible from the ground. Machines are equipped with external draining points for all operational fluids.

The rollers are equipped with an auto-diagnostics system that communicates with service technicians. External testing ports on hydraulic components allow quick diagnosis and reduce machine downtime.

Available in open-platform or cab versions, a wide range of options can make the machines more productive, comfortable and serviceable. For example, optional crab mode improves versatility, increasing working width and allowing compaction close to curbs.

The ACEforce system makes it easier for operators to track compaction progress. This measuring system shows the actual kB value on the display and thus significantly lessens the time required to achieve the maximum compaction level.


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