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Hearing protection
01 December 2015 | Education & Training

Association of independent PPE distributors launches two-day training course for members’ sales teams

Waterproof safety boot
03 November 2015 | Plant & Equipment

South Wales-based PPE specialist introduces the new Lightyear BX-700 Voyager safety boot

Tagged in: PK SafetyPPE
06 October 2015 | Safety, Health & Environment

Protective workwear supplier to provide, launder and maintain up to 20,000 garments per week

Black Mamba gloves
08 September 2015 | Safety, Health & Environment

Supplier of Black Mamba work gloves introduces new heavy-duty impact version to UK and Ireland

C&G Skeleton gloves
11 August 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Honeywell launch two new innovative colour-coded cut-resistant gloves for rugged environments

Miller H-design fall-arrest kit
14 July 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Honeywell launch six new Miller H-Design all-in-one solutions for working at height

Showa 240 glove
16 June 2015 | Plant & Equipment

New safety gloves help protect workers’ hands from arc flash burns, flames and cuts

Tagged in: GlobusPPE
24 February 2015 | Safety, Health & Environment

Workplace equipment supplier says problem of counterfeit and inferior PPE appears to be growing

Tagged in: SlingsbyPPE
Ballyclare DryShell line hi-vis PPE
24 February 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Latest protective clothing range designed to meet the needs of hi-vis sector and the modern worker

Tagged in: BallyclarePPE
Cleaning booth
27 January 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Safe and effective system for the removal of dust and fibres from people and clothing

PAPR XR926A respiratory system
27 January 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Latest PPE unit provides effective protection against welding fume, dust particles and aerosols

Tagged in: ParweldPPE
Wildcard Mid safety footwear
27 January 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Latest Wildcard Mid ankle boot provides protection against water penetration for outdoor workers

Tagged in: Timberland ProPPE
02 December 2014 | Safety, Health & Environment

Health and safety specialists team up to take the mystery out of safety footwear standards

Pro Hero work boot
02 December 2014 | Safety, Health & Environment

New Pro Hero work boot offers protection and durability with water and abrasion resistance

Tagged in: Timberland ProPPE
DeepBlue winter gloves
02 December 2014 | Plant & Equipment

New gloves designed to keep workers hands safe and warm in industrial applications