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Personnel cleaning booth from ACI

Cleaning booth

Safe and effective system for the removal of dust and fibres from people and clothing

AIR Control Industries (ACI) say their personnel-cleaning booth provides a safe and highly effective means of removing and collecting dust/fibres from people and clothing. The unit is suitable for cleaning employees’ dirty work clothes to avoid exposing themselves, co-workers or their work environment to elevated dust levels.

According to ACI, the main advantage of the booth is that workers, without taking off clothing/PPE equipment, can remove most visible traces of any dust/fibre from themselves and clothing within approximately 20s.

The ACI personnel-cleaning booth is a self-contained, free-standing unit incorporating the company’s renowned blower-powered JetBlack personnel de-dusting system. The JetBlack unit delivers a high-volume of filtered air at low pressure; sufficient enough to remove dust and fibres effectively and safely, even when directed at exposed skin.

The removed material can be collected in a 123-litre collection drum or vented directly into an existing exhaust system. Dust/fibre removal is achieved using the JetBlack’s 1.42m long flexible hose with a handheld air direction nozzle, which can be fitted with chip protection guard to comply with American OSHA requirements. A timer switch ensures controlled use of air.

The extraction system emits low noise levels (74dB(A)) and incorporates a 5kW blower that achieves 2,700 cubic metre per hour air flow performance. It is equipped with a 0.2 micron polyester cartridge filter that achieves 99% efficiency and extracts dust from 0.2 to 2 microns in size. It also features an automatic cleaning operation to ensure consistent performance.

The free-standing booth, with integral lighting and a Makralon window, can be installed indoors or outside. For outside installations there is an optional roof fitting.

The stand-alone JetBlack is available both as a wall mounted unit or portable unit. The wall-mounted unit is suited for locating at entry/exit points. The portable unit can be moved around premises as required for both de-dusting personnel and cleaning equipment.

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