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Parweld unveil new clean-air respiratory system

PAPR XR926A respiratory system

Latest PPE unit provides effective protection against welding fume, dust particles and aerosols

PARWELD have introduced the latest addition to their expanding personal protective equipment (PPE) range – the PAPR XR926A clean-air respiratory system.

Specially developed to provide protection against welding fume, dust particles and aerosols, the system offers a portable, lightweight and battery-powered, belt-mounted solution to the respiratory hazards created during welding.

Using high-efficiency replaceable particulate filters, the system filters out contaminated air and allows clean, purified air to be supplied to the head unit. Parweld say this air stream, combined with the positive pressure created within the helmet, prevents contaminated air entering the breathing zone.

The PAPR system incorporates many features, including an adjustable airflow ranging from 150 to 220 litres/min and eight different settings that allow the user to adjust the unit to their specific environment and comfort level.

The unit is powered by smart replaceable lithium batteries providing operating times of 6–8h (flow rate dependant) and a charge cycle of 3–4h.

The clean-air respiratory system utilizes a two-stage filter process; the main P3 filter offers the required essential protection against welding particles, smoke and dust, with a protection factor of 20 for the user. The standard P3 filter can be complemented with a wrap-around pre-filter that removes large dust particles and extends the life of the main filter.

The PAPR XR926A system features a triple alarm-warning system if the flow rate falls below the required minimum level to ensure that the user’s protection is not compromised. The fan speed automatically increases to compensate for any drop in the flow rate. If this cannot be maintained an audible alarm will sound and LEDs will flash to alert the user to safely leave the area. If this is not acted on, the unit will vibrate and increase the alarm volume.

The Parweld PAPR XR926A clean-air respiratory system conforms to BE EN 12941 TH2P R SL.

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