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12 January 2022 | SHE

Environmental hazard monitoring experts host free webinars on noise, air sampling and vibration

23 January 2021 | SHE

Monitoring technology specialists Casella launch Orbi-Trace smart tag to support workplace social distancing

Trade In, Trade Up with Casella
06 October 2020 | SHE

Casella support socially distanced working with discounted air and noise monitoring equipment upgrades

Casella Cyclone air sampling head
21 September 2020 | SHE

Testing by HSE confirms accuracy and reliability of Casella Cyclone air sampling heads

19 June 2020 | SHE

Company offering 50-percent discount on personal environmental hazard monitoring equipment upgrades

Casella webinars
26 May 2020 | SHE

Company providing free webinars on dust monitoring and vapour sampling during June and July

Tagged in: CasellaDust Control
Casella webinar
28 April 2020 | SHE

Company offering free OHS webinars on workplace noise and vibration throughout May

20 September 2019 | SHE

Casella product wins Occupational Health & Safety’s ‘New Product of the Year Award’

Dust monitoring
11 December 2018 | SHE

Casella introduce advanced Dust Detective Enclosure for use in indoor and outdoor environments

Casella achieve IS approval for Apex2
20 June 2017 | SHE

Personal sampling pump range gains Intrinsically Safe approval for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

Tagged in: Casella
Casella's Guardian2 monitoring solution
25 April 2017 | Plant & Equipment

Company introduces new simple-to-use and cost-effective multi-agent monitoring solution

Casella personal sampling pump
31 January 2017 | SHE

Company achieves Intrinsically Safe certification for its Apex2 personal sampling pump range

Casella's Boundary Guardian system
28 July 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Company adds vibration-monitoring capability to web-based environmental unit

Apex2 personal sampling pump
14 July 2015 | Plant & Equipment

New Apex2 range offers accurate and reliable exposure monitoring and simplicity of reporting

HAVex meter
21 April 2015 | Plant & Equipment

Simple and quick-to-use device to monitor workers susceptible to hand arm vibration syndrome