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Next-generation dust-sampling pumps from Casella

Apex2 personal sampling pump

New Apex2 range offers accurate and reliable exposure monitoring and simplicity of reporting

CASELLA have launched Apex2, a range of next-generation personal sampling pumps that provide accurate and reliable monitoring of exposure to dust in a variety of industrial workplaces.

These advanced pumps are ergonomically designed to ensure better wearer acceptance, whilst providing a high level of performance, functionality and connectivity, and simplicity of reporting.


The Apex2 range includes three separate models – the Apex2, Apex2 Plus and Apex2 Pro – which feature different functionality to meet varying requirements. All three models are designed to be unobtrusive to the wearer.

However, in the event that a worker removes the pump, this will be registered via a motion sensor that provides data to confirm whether the pump has been worn and, therefore, the validity of the sample.

The Apex2 Plus and Apex2 Pro models allow remote monitoring on smartphones and tablets as they both connect with the new, easy-to-use Casella Airwave app via Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

This free app allows those responsible for monitoring to assess the sampling run without disturbing the wearer of the pump, as well allowing them to control the pump from a smart device.

Simple and easy to use, the app provides near real-time status updates and is designed to allow collected data to be emailed alongside photos and notes – adding context to the data and further simplifying the reporting process.

‘The Apex2 range of personal sampling pumps truly are an industry first. The Bluetooth connectivity, the app and the built-in motion sensor differentiate this advanced technology from all other market offerings,’ said Andrea Bowen, technical product manager at Casella.

‘Occupational hygienists can be confident that the new pumps will not only save time and effort, but also deliver better-quality data than ever before.’

The Apex2 range of personal sampling pumps are part of Casella’s latest occupational hygiene solutions that also include the recently launched dBadge 2. This next-generation noise dosimeter also connects with a smartphone app to allow noise measurement and reporting in real time and without disturbance to workforces.


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