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United Plant release new Health and Safety policy

Safety strategy

Company issues newly revised policy and supporting safety initiatives as part of its commitment to ‘Zero Harm’

UNITED Plant Services, one of the UK’s leading independent engineering providers, are demonstrating their ongoing commitment to embedding health and safety into their company culture, with the release of a newly revised policy and supporting safety initiatives.

Continuing their philosophy for ‘Zero Harm’, the company has revised its Health and Safety policy, using industry best practice, to help maintain the safety and well-being of its employees, meet the needs and objectives of its customers, and protect the environment in which it works.

The new policy, which outlines United Plant’s vision to exceed customer expectations for safety, quality, sustainability, cost, delivery and value, focuses on five core areas. These are:

  • Our people – setting out the company’s commitment to equality in employee opportunity and reward and providing a safe and secure working environment
  • Safety and well-being – which demonstrates United Plant’s proactive compliance with all applicable health and safety, legal and regulatory requirements
  • Our community and environment – explains the company’s belief in the practice of social responsibility and its environmental commitments
  • Our quality – focuses on United Plant’s pledge to achieving competitive excellence
  • Our customers – sets out the company’s obligation to proactively seek out and define customer needs.

The new policy is supported by a dedicated safety logo which carries the strapline ‘Think Safe. Be Safe. No Compromise’. The logo has been specifically designed to reflect United Plant’s ongoing commitment to embedding safety into every corner of their business, whilst also demonstrating the importance they place on the safety of people.

Greg Mulhearn, managing director of United Plant, explained: ‘People are at the heart of everything we do, so we have specifically created our company safety strategy with people at its core. The policy has been strategically developed to ensure the ongoing safety of our employees, our customers and our environments – and the new logo is a visual representation of this promise.’

As well as implementing their new Health and Safety policy, United Plant have introduced an employee training matrix, which assesses strengths and identifies any skills gaps. This allows the company to assist those employees who require further training, helping to build knowledge and encourage personal development. A monthly programme of structured ‘Toolbox Talks’ will also be introduced during August. Led by United Plant regional managers, these talks will focus on safety, company updates and customer feedback.

‘Through the updated Health and Safety policy we have created a strong foundation on which we can now build. The policy has already influenced our new ‘Engineer Safety Manuals’, which guide our engineers on the dos and don’ts of health and safety and site best practice. It also impacts the business choices we make, for example selecting our latest fleet of mobile engineering vans for their impeccable safety record.

‘We are confident that our updated policy will have an extremely positive impact not only on our employees, but also on our customers, providing everyone with the peace of mind that United Plant put health and safety above all else,’ said Mr Mulhearn.

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