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Smiley Monroe look to a greener future

3T Power and Smiley Monroe

3T Power supply company with green electricity generated exclusively in Northern Ireland

THE team behind Northern Ireland’s only 100% green energy supplier for business, 3T Power, has announced a partnership with Smiley Monroe, the Lisburn-based global manufacturers of endless conveyor belts and cut rubber parts for materials processing equipment.

The coming together of the two businesses is helping Smiley Monroe to implement a clean energy transition and has resulted in the company’s full Northern Ireland operation, including its 55,000 sq ft manufacturing facilities and administrative offices, being powered purely by renewable energy generated by wind turbines across Northern Ireland.

Smiley Monroe’s expected annual CO2 reduction is expected to be around 270,000kg, equivalent to the weight of more than 55 African elephants, in carbon offset. The partnership will also ensure long-term savings through the confirmation of a low-cost, secure energy tariff.

As calls grow stronger around the world to ensure that the post-COVID-19 global economic recovery is led by green initiatives and principles, Smiley Monroe’s alliance with Tyrone-based 3T Power is one of many initiatives the group has introduced in its drive to be an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable business through continuously investing in the latest technology, lean processes and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

By switching to exclusively renewable electricity supplied by 3T’s network of renewable electricity generators, Smiley Monroe say they are demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability and support for local owners of renewable energy generators and the local economy.

Commenting on the partnership, Thomas Kelso, director of 3T Power, said: ‘We are proud to acknowledge the efforts Smiley Monroe have taken to support their local economy and environment by switching to wind electricity supplied by 3T Power. We are the only electricity supply company in Northern Ireland dedicated to providing local businesses with 100% renewable electricity generated locally.

‘Working closely with our network of local renewable generators and our corporate clients, we connect environmentally conscious Northern Irish businesses with locally generated renewable electricity, offering 100% traceability for our customers.’

Mr Kelso added: ‘Not only does switching to 3T Power help to grow our clients’ reputations as environmentally conscious and sustainable businesses, it also supports the local economy as the power purchased is produced by independent wind turbine operators.’

Reflecting the decision to partner with market disruptors 3T Power, Tim Monroe, marketing director at Smiley Monroe, said: ‘Our business is part of a global supply chain, so we’re delighted to support local innovation. We’re very aware of the impact of global warming and the need for Smiley Monroe to help lead the way to a greener future by doing everything we can to minimize our carbon footprint.’

Commenting on the company’s first year of partnership with 3T Power, Mary Lilley, head of procurement at Smiley Monroe, added: ‘We have enjoyed the benefits of using green energy and working alongside 3T Power, and we’re delighted to have confirmed our partnership for another year, showing our commitment to the exclusive use of renewable energy.’

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