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Rand Bros purchase New Holland wheel loader

New Holland W230C wheel loader

Storage specialists choose New Holland W230C model to help increase productivity and minimize fuel costs

HERTFORDSHIRE-based Rand Brothers have taken delivery of a New Holland W230C wheel loader, which is helping to improve productivity and reduce fuel costs.

The machine – which benefits from SCR (selective catalyst reduction) technology and an Ecoshift transmission – has been fitted with a specially constructed 7-tonne hi-tip bucket (8.2 cubic metres). The machine, supplied by New Holland dealers Ernest Doe, is being used to handle up to 100,000 tonnes of grain at Rand’s farm storage facility at Hatchpen, near Royston.


Although an agricultural application, the sheer size of the grain facility meant that industrial-size equipment was needed to handle the grain quickly and efficiently. Usually more associated with construction applications, the W230C wheel loader is proving to be the ideal solution for Rand.

A rear-mounted engine and SCR technology means the engine combustion is optimized for efficiency, as well as delivering increased power, resulting in a reduction of up to 15% in fuel consumption. The Ecoshift transmission system has a five-speed torque converter with a lock-up auto or manually activated, from 7km/h up to 40km/h.

The W230C also incorporates a special cooling system design. The radiators are placed to form a box rather than the traditional approach of having them overlapping. This sophisticated designed ensures maximum cooling efficiency and makes them easy to clean.

David Rand, one of the partners in the business, explained the reasons for choosing a New Holland wheel loader over a more traditional telehandler option. ‘It became obvious to us that once we were storing more than 50,000 tonnes of material, telehandlers were struggling to cope with our volume of work,’ he said.

‘When we reached a capacity of 100,000 tonnes we were having to hire in three extra telehandlers at busy periods, so the search for an industrial solution was embarked upon. Demonstrations of several machines from different manufacturers were arranged and Rob Freestone from Ernest Doe arranged for us to test several New Holland machines to see which one best suited our needs.

‘One of our key requirements was to be able to fill a 29-tonne lorry in five or six cycles. So we opted for a W230C with a specially designed hi-tip bucket. This gave us the capacity we were looking for in a machine that could be manoeuvred easily and offered the operator the visibility he needed.’

Operator safety and comfort are key elements on New Holland machines. Having the engine at the rear of the W230C means less vibration in the cab and the Ecoshift transmission electronically optimizes gear shifts, according to the working mode selected to ensure smooth shifting. The W230C also has a special radar detection system mounted on the rear, which alerts the operator to any obstacles or people who may be obscured from vision.

Mr Rand commented: ‘The ergonomics in the cab are very good; the cab is laid out so well that it is very easy to drive. It is incredibly stable too – no rocking or bucking and the transmission is very smooth. Any sensible driver can drive it, but as part of the sales package New Holland Construction provided training for four drivers, and we felt this was a sensible thing to do.’


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