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Progress revealed in Hanson sustainability report

Sustainability report

Company’s 2017 sustainability report charts a year of progress against 2020 targets

HANSON UK’s 2017 sustainability report charts a year of progress – capital investment is up 40% with a significant amount spent on projects to save energy, reduce emissions and improve the company’s sites.

The annual report, which covers the 2016 calendar year, details progress against the Hanson’s 2020 sustainability targets, including people, communities, carbon, waste and water.

Its highlights include: reaching the 2020 target for use of recycled planings in new asphalt ahead of schedule; waste to landfill halved since previous year – part of an 82% cut since 2010; a reduction in mains water use; and winning a top European restoration award for the company’s Middleton Hall Quarry.

Hanson UK’s chief executive officer, Daniel Cooper, said: ‘In 2017 we plan to double our capital spending with sustainability again at the core.

‘An order for two new energy-efficient marine aggregate dredgers and an extensive upgrade project at our Victoria Deep wharf on the Thames, at Greenwich, will create a fully-enclosed multi-product manufacturing and distribution facility at the heart of the booming London market.

‘We will also be investing in numerous other projects to improve health, safety and well-being, reduce energy consumption and emissions, increase the use of recycled products, and improve the efficiency and reliability of our plants.

‘I am confident that the improvements we are making will quickly be reflected in demonstrable progress against our 2020 sustainability targets.’

The full sustainability report, together with a short film summarizing Hanson’s performance and sustainability achievements, can be found at:

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