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New Liebherr loading shovels for Coleman & Company

UK demolition contractors strengthen equipment fleet with six new Liebherr excavators

BIRMINGHAM-based Coleman & Company have invested in half-a-dozen new demolition-specification excavators from Liebherr. The deal comprises: three 56-tonne R956 excavators; two 80-tonne R954CVH HDW high-reach machines; and a special 120-tonne R974C model. All the Liebherr excavators have been prepared for working in the demolition sector.

Coleman & Company have recently commenced on three-year project to undertake the demolition of the redundant Didcot A Power Station in Oxfordshire. The old coal and gas-fired power station has a wide and varied number of different structures, some of which are extremely heavy-duty in terms of construction. This meant Coleman & Company required new efficient equipment to be able to perform the variety of tasks the job demanded.

The Coleman project management team drew up its new equipment strategic plan in September 2013 and after talking to four manufacturers, entered into more detailed discussions with Liebherr in April 2014.  

Mark Coleman, managing director of Coleman & Company, commented: ‘We run a fairly mixed fleet of demolition-specified excavators across well-known brands, including Liebherr. However, the only manufacturer we spoke to that was able to meet all our demands were Liebherr. We have a very good working relationship with Liebherr going back a number of years and see them as a leader in the production of bespoke demolition equipment’

The detailed specification drawn up by Coleman & Company required Liebherr to design a variety of specialist demolition rigs with interchangeability across the six machines.

Each excavator, therefore, has a number of different options available, with interchangeability and versatility being key benefit for the demolition contractor. A Liebherr spokesman said: Liebherr have been able to design a variety of boom configurations for Coleman’s requirements to include a variety of different extensions and high reach options which will enable them to obtain the maximum availability out of the new fleet. We and Coleman believe that between us we have developed a unique ‘Swiss Army Knife’ range of demolition excavators.’

As part of the deal, Liebherr will undertake specific product training with Coleman’s operators to ensure the customer gets the most out of its substantial investment. 

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