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New Komatsu simulators for safer jobsites

Komatsu simulator for rigid dumptrucks
New Komatsu simulator for rigid dumptrucks

Company unveils new simulators for rigid dumptrucks, wheel loaders and wheeled excavators

BAUMA 2022 saw Komatsu Europe present new simulators for rigid dumptrucks, wheel loaders and wheeled excavators, which are designed to promote safe and effective operator training at customers’ training centres and events, distributor locations, and Komatsu facilities.

Designed and manufactured by Komatsu and Oryx to provide operators with a realistic and safe recreation of a Komatsu machine’s environment, events on jobsites are simulated in full motion to allow operational techniques and skills to be learned, refined, and improved in terms of safety and efficiency.


Offering a valuable resource, Komatsu simulators can help train and further prepare both new and experienced operators to safely respond to emergencies and faults. The basics are learned through step-by-step guidance, machine control familiarization, real-time feedback, and exercises.

All parts used in the simulators, such as the steering wheel, levers, and pedals, are Komatsu factory originals, and the exercises are based on actual jobsites, providing a realistic experience, as close as possible to the operation of an actual Komatsu machine.

Different scenarios teach how to react safely when an issue arises. Operators are trained on how to operate safely in a jobsite environment with other machines around, in off-road scenarios, or in changing weather conditions. They can learn how to use equipment correctly in specific applications, for instance when using a quick-coupler, when loading and unloading machines, or when handling stone.

As a basis for the trainees’ improvement, after each scenario statistics provide details on the operator’s efficiency: fill factor, fuel usage, break usage etc. Performance is reviewed and tracked by an easy-to-use dashboard that focuses on the improvement of safety, productivity, and machine utilization.

With no risk of damage to any machine, zero fuel required, and with increased safety and productivity on future jobsites, Komatsu say their simulators provide a cost-effective training solution for company owners. The simulators are offered for sale through Komatsu distributors, with a few also available for rent to the distributor network.


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