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More new Cat machines for KDC Demolition

Cat M222D wheeled excavator

Manchester-based contractor invests in four new Caterpillar M222D wheeled excavators from Finning

KDC Demolition have replaced four old Cat wheeled excavators with four brand new M222D models, having opted to retain the use of Cat machines and Finning services for their demolition projects in 2015.

According to Martin O’Donnell, safety and operations director of KDC, it was essential that the company’s machines have the functionality, robustness and productivity to meet the challenging demands of their clients.


‘Since switching to Finning Caterpillar in 2010 we have been impressed,’ he commented. ‘Not only have we benefitted from the reliability and performance of the Cat machines, but also the support and servicing Finning has provided. Working on various challenging projects, the M322Ds have been able to meet KDC’s strenuous workloads across a multitude of contrasting sites.’

The Cat M322D excavator’s elevated cab, configured straight boom and extra long dipper arm were also instrumental to Finning securing the deal. ‘The functionality of the machines was the primary reason for us renewing our deal this year,’ Mr O’Donnell continued.

‘Minimal customization to the machines was needed for the demolition application; it was very much a straight off the shelf purchase. The upturn in the demolition sector means our workload is growing, therefore, consistency in productivity is essential to our operational success. Working in high hazard environments is not simple; we need to go with machines we can rely upon and Finning Caterpillar are providing us with that assurance.’

KDC have also been impressed with the fuel economy of the Cat engines. Mr O’Donnell said: ‘Although not at the forefront of our rationale in securing four more Cat machines, we have greatly benefitted from the fuel efficiency of the new M322D machines. The advanced Cat engines mean that they are very economical in relation to their output. This, in turn, helps bring down our operational costs and improves our bottom line, whilst also keeping emissions to a minimum.’
Graham Holmes, regional account manager for Finning, added: ‘KDC renewing their demolition fleet shows confidence in the Cat brand and Finning’s support services. At Finning we take pride in developing the relationships with our customers, that continuity benefits everyone involved. With our branches placed throughout the UK, Finning can give KDC the support wherever its projects are based. The connection we have with Cat dealerships across Europe means that we can transfer this support seamlessly when our customers win projects abroad.’


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