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Miller Mate provides peace of mind for Borders project

Miller UK launched Miller Mate at Plantworx 2013, introducing the first of its kind in on site safety.  With significant sales during the show and in the 13 months since, Miller UK say this innovative technology is revolutionizing on-site safety.

Miller Mate works exclusively with the PowerLatch quick coupler as the safest combination on the market, and takes on-site safety way beyond compliance.

Mike Askew, Miller’s managing director, said: ‘Miller UK is a company that has made its name in innovation, and at the heart of everything we do is the motivation of excellence. For us as a company, the safety of the ground worker is fundamental, and the Miller Mate is just the next Miller development created to ensure a safe construction environment.’


London-based Flannery Plant Hire are just one of many Miller UK customers who have taken to fitting this product as standard on all Flannery machines that feature a Miller PowerLatch quick coupler. Most recently Flannery are using Miller Mate on the Borders Railway, which will be the longest new domestic railway to be constructed in Britain for over 100 years.

‘We are always looking at the latest technology to ensure the safe operation of our machinery and when Miller showed us Miller Mate, we knew that we had to add it to our machine,’ said Patrick Flannery, director at Flannery Plant Hire.

The £250 million Borders Railway Project in Scotland is being kept safe by the Miller Mate system. Flannery are providing the contractors BAM Nuttall with machinery for the project, including more than 100 excavators with Miller products along the 30-mile stretch of new railway lines.

Gareth Corbett, operations director at Flannery, commented: ‘Ensuring the safety and efficiency of the on-going work is paramount; having the PowerLatch and Miller Mate on our equipment gives us peace of mind.’

Tony Daniels, Flannery site manager for the project, explained: ‘The whole system allows the responsibility to sit with our operators and ensure they are working in a safe, proper manner.’

With the system featuring on such high-profile projects as this, confidence in the product is high and both domestic and international sales continue to rise.

Miller Mate provides operators with a simple step-by-step guide to the attachment changeover process. With built-in electrical system checks, the system replaces the existing toggle switch and eliminates any accidental release. The easy-to-follow process provides site managers with the peace of mind that their operators are following a standardized operating procedure at all time, and with the system log recording prior functions, this product is a must for company’s looking to increase their safety levels.


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