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Marubeni-Komatsu introduce the PC490HRD-11 demolition excavator

Marubeni-Komatsu PC490HRD-11 excavator

Company reaches new heights with new EU Stage V-compliant high-reach machine 

MARUBENI-Komatsu have launched the new PC490HRD-11 high-reach demolition excavator which, according to the company, brings ‘best in class’ working height in the 60-tonne machine category.

The unit, which can be configured in six different working arrangements, has been developed to carry a 2-tonne demolition tool up to a height of 32m, a 3.34-tonne tool up to 28m and a 5-tonne attachment up to 17.4m. The demolition excavator has also been designed to allow operators to work through the widest possible range with optimal control and safety.

Built in Newcastle, northeast of England, by Komatsu UK (KUK), the PC490HRD‐11 has incorporated customer feedback and works as a single complete system, with smooth and convenient operational controls, high precision, exceptional stability and first‐class comfort.

With operating weights ranging from 55,200kg to 73,400kg, the demolition excavator is powered by a Komatsu Stage V emissions-compliant engine that delivers 270kW (362hp) at 1,900 rev/min. The machine has been specifically developed with versatility in mind and, as a result, can be reconfigured to meet changing work demands.

One of the major features of the PC490HRD‐11 is an advanced working range indicator, which allows the operator to utilize the unit to its maximum effect, without comprising safety through 360°. The excavator also displays the view from the optional arm end camera system. 

A lot of effort has also gone into the transport arrangements for the PC490HRD-11 to ensure the excavator is built to be compact and light as possible, without compromising durability. 

Stuart Blackham, design manager for demolition products at KUK, said: ‘We are really pleased that a machine that was designed, developed and manufactured at KUK has been received so well and will be used across Europe.

‘There is a desire at Komatsu to continually improve and innovate, no matter how well our machines already perform. This new high-reach excavator is an example of how customer feedback, combined with our own invention and innovation, can help create a game‐changing machine.’

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