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Liebherr launch three new mid-range wheel loaders

Liebherr L 526 wheel loader

Introduction of the new L 526, L 538 and L 546 models featuring various innovations and modifications

LIEBHERR have launched a trio of new mid-range wheel loaders – the L 526, L 538 and L 546 – featuring optimized travel drive performance, modified lift arms, a redesigned operator’s cab, and an exhaust gas treatment system that means all three models comply with the emission Stage V/Tier 4f guidelines.

During development, Liebherr engineers optimized the proven hydrostatic travel drive on all three new machines. This has given the L 538 and L 546 models significantly more engine power whilst fuel consumption remains low, reducing both fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

With the new mid-range Liebherr wheel loaders, two lift-arm variants are still available before purchase, including z-bar kinematics with high forces in the lower lift-arm positions and newly reinforced bucket arms for increased robustness.

Standard versions of the mid-range L 526 (pictured), L 538 and L546 weigh in at 11.77, 15.5 and 14.2 tonnes, respectively, whilst bucket capacities are 2.1, 2.6 and 2.8 cubic metres, articulated tipping loads are 8.0, 9.5 and 10.5 tonnes, and engine power outputs are 100, 120 and 138kW (136, 163 and 188hp) respectively.

The electro-hydraulic pilot control in combination with the standard bucket programming function means that bucket positions can be set on the large 9in touch display in all models, whilst the powerful hydraulics ensure that the machine operator can also carry out overlapping movements of lifting and lowering as well as tilting in and out at full power, resulting in more efficient operation and increased productivity.

Moreover, new optional stroke limit damping helps protect the wheel loaders and also reduces vibrations for the machine operator. This function allow smooth moving to the end position of the working attachment and of the lift arms, increasing the life of all components, particularly the lift arms and attachments.

In redesigning the operator’s cab, Liebherr were guided by the success of their XPower large wheel loaders. The new mid-range cab is particularly spacious with pedals that are positioned 40mm further forwards. A notable feature is the enlarged, height-adjustable, 9in touch display with its optimized intuitive menu guide.

As with the XPower machines, joystick steering is available for the mid-range wheel loaders upon request. This system can be operated intuitively as the position of the joystick always corresponds to the articulation angle of the wheel loader. Liebherr say this, together with the force feedback on the joystick, ensures the best possible operating experience.

To optimize safety and comfort in day-to-day work, Liebherr are also offering all assistance systems from the XPower large wheel loaders with the new mid-range wheel loader series, including, for example, active personnel detection at the rear, on-board weighing with Truck Payload Assist, integrated tyre pressure monitoring and adaptive working lighting. Front-space monitoring and the Skyview 360-degree camera system are also available.

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