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JCB machines hit the beach

JCB machines on the beach

Busman’s holiday for JCB earthmovers in build-up to Red Bull Quicksand race in Margate

A PAIR of JCB machines have been soaking up the summer sun on a beach in Kent this week. But it was very much a busman’s holiday, with the 20-tonne JCB X-Series excavator and a JCB wheeled loader drafted in to build a beach obstacle racecourse in the seaside town of Margate.

As official build partners to the Red Bull Quicksand race that takes place today [18 May], the two machines have transformed the beach into a mile-long racecourse of trenches, rollers and sandcastles the height of two double-decker buses to test 700 runners to the limit.

The participants will race in knockout heats over the gruelling course with a treacherous series of obstacles and steep man-made sand dunes, making it one of the most unique and brutal middle-distance races in the country.

JCB’s head of sponsorships, Edd Hood, said: ‘Red Bull are renowned the world over for their awe-inspiring events and innovative content. Partnering with Red Bull is therefore extremely exciting as we can not only assist in the creation of the series infrastructure, but also showcase our machines to a very relevant audience as they transform the beach in Margate.

‘JCB machines are world leaders and building this course perfectly demonstrates their versatility and practicality. We look forward to developing our relationship with Red Bull Quicksand and partnering on a series of other exciting events throughout the year.’

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