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HSA launches two-week quarry safety inspection campaign

L-R: Gerry Farrell, Irish Concrete Federation chief executive; Hilary Byrne, HSA senior inspector; and Conor O’Brien, HSA chief executive
L-R: Gerry Farrell, Irish Concrete Federation chief executive; Hilary Byrne, HSA senior inspector; and Conor O’Brien, HSA chief executive

Irish Health and Safety Authority inspection campaign to focus on the management of contractors

IRELAND’s Health and Safety Authority (HSA) will carry out a two-week quarry safety inspection campaign commencing on Monday 13 May. The focus of the campaign is on the management of contractors.

This inspection campaign will concentrate on key safety areas of concern including management and supervision of contractors while on site, employer co-operation and co-ordination when sharing a place of work, ensuring safe equipment is in use and relevant personnel have appropriate qualifications when using machinery.


Commenting on the launch of the campaign, HSA senior inspector Hilary Byrne said: ‘Quarries are potentially hazardous workplaces and often utilize contractors to carry out day-to-day work duties. Employers have a duty when sharing a place of work to ensure they co-operate and co-ordinate their actions relating to health and safety on site and to inform each other of any risks to employees arising from their work activity.’

During this campaign, HSA inspectors will be seeking evidence of the following:

  • That contractors have undertaken risk assessments and implemented control measures relevant to their work on site

  • That contractors receive appropriate information and instruction, and are qualified to complete the relevant tasks to be undertaken

  • That adequate control measures are in place for hazards in a quarry which may be specific to specialist contractors.

In the 10-year period 2014–2023, quarrying, mining, and the associated manufacturing activities in the industry accounted for seven work-related fatalities in Ireland. Two out of three of the latest work-related fatalities in quarries have involved contractors.

Quarry delivery contractors with three or less employed on site can complete the HSA Code of Practice for Operators of Quarry Delivery Vehicles.

Welcoming the HSA’s quarry safety campaign, Irish Concrete Federation chief executive Gerry Farrell said: ‘This is the first quarry safety campaign that has focused exclusively on the safety of contractors in quarries and, therefore, ICF is actively encouraging its members to undertake initiatives in their own companies to support the campaign.

‘Contractors provide many vital and valuable services to the quarrying industry throughout the country and therefore this campaign provides an opportunity for our members to review their procedures to ensure that there is effective communication between quarry operators and contractors and to ensure that contractors are fully aware of all risks and safety procedures and rules in quarry workplaces.’


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