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Rubble Master HMH GmbH

RM Group



Im Südpark 196
4030 Linz



  • Conveyors
  • Crushing and Grinding
  • Impactors and impact crushers
  • Mobile crushing units
  • Recycling and Landfill Equipment


    • Screens for recycling
    • Screens and Grizzlies
    • Mobile screening units
    • Screens





More than 30 years' experience in crushing and screening

Gerald Hanisch founded RUBBLE MASTER in 1991 at a time when others were tentatively beginning to think about recycling construction and demolition waste. The visionary Hanisch successfully developed an innovative machine over 30 years ago and created a new market: on-site recycling. From then on, the company developed into one of the world's leading manufacturers of mobile and compact crushing and screening systems.

Sustainability in all areas with RM crushers and screens

Demolishing buildings and renovating roads are associated with high costs and major transport requirements because the material has to be transported to a disposal depot - mobile RM crushers solve this problem.

Thanks to their compact design and crawler gear, the machines are easy to transport and can be operated directly on site to transform C&D waste, asphalt, concrete and brick rubble into a cuboid value aggregate, that is then re-used as backfilling material, non-compacted load-bearing surfaces, building material or tennis court surface.

Another important area of application is the natural stone industry. Both hard and soft stone are processed using RM crushers and screens not only in many quarries, but in many different applications.

Global leader in mobile Compact Crushing and Screening

RM compact crushers are crushers with the best weight/size ratio worldwide with the highest throughput capacity in each transport class: versatile, powerful and excellent value retention. Fastest set up time and smallest space requirements are part of the deal!

Reducing environmental impact and supporting a sustainable future have driven RM to focus on the electrification of its machines from the very beginning. In recent years, a wide range of fully electric or hybrid crushers and screens have been developed that will make a significant contribution to reducing the carbon footprint through lower energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

Complete range of crushers and screens - mobile production lines with perfectly matched machine trains.

Crushers and screens are often used not only as individual machines, but in combination for mobile production lines. With Rubble Master, you can configure optimized machine trains in a wide range of combinations. As a pioneer in electrification, RM naturally also offers complete electric machine trains.

Digital solutions for more overview, efficiency and profit

Digitalization is playing an increasingly important role in modern and future material processing. With the RM XSMART, Rubble Master has developed several smart digital assistants such as mobile apps, condition monitoring and fleet management solutions. Machine-to-machine communication is also part of the RM approach to make material processing even more efficient and easier.

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