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EQAR reaches anniversary milestone

European Quality Association for Recycling

European Quality Association for Recycling to mark its 10th anniversary with public congress event in Bratislava 

CELEBRATING its 10th anniversary this year, the European Quality Association for Recycling (EQAR) will be holding a European Construction Material Recycling Congress, which will take place at the Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel in Bratislava on 23 September.

EQAR was formed in 2006 by construction material recycling associations and companies from various EU member states as an umbrella organization for construction material recycling. The Association represents the interests of the European sector and supports the establishment of a circular economy in construction in Europe.

In view of the fact that more than one billion tonnes of mineral-based construction and demolition waste is produced each year, Manfred Wierichs, president of EQAR, said he believes a circular economy in construction is of critical importance for a resource-efficient Europe.

However, resource conservation by ‘urban mining’ has, to date, been implemented to differing degrees by the various EU member states, which is why EQAR is supporting the improvement and unification of the framework conditions for construction material recycling in Europe.

EQAR believes that by creating a single European market for recycled construction materials, utilization rates could be markedly increased. It said regional demand for recycled construction materials is frequently subjected to fluctuations, which could be compensated for by exchanging recycled products across Europe’s internal borders.

Mr Wierichs, in response, has called for standardization of environmental compatibility classes for aggregates, to bring about a harmonized product status for recycled construction materials on a European level.

He added to help increase the acceptance of recycled construction materials, in 2013 EQAR adopted a European quality assurance system for recycled construction materials, which aims to ensure uniformity of quality through independent external monitoring of recycled products.

At its forthcoming jubilee congress, EQAR would like to invite the construction materials recycling sector to enter into discussions with representatives of the EU Parliament, science and the economy on the circular economy in construction, improvements in the framework conditions and the removal of obstacles to recycling and innovations in construction materials recycling.

For more information on the event visit:

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