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EQAR calls for uniform European targets for recycled products

European Quality Association for Recycling

European Quality Association for Recycling seeks European standardization for quality-assured recycled construction materials

DELIVERING and monitoring resource efficiency targets were the main talking points at the recent European Quality Association for Recycling (EQAR) congress held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Josefina Lindblom from the Environment Directorate-General of the EU Commission, said in her special report that the Commission is working hard to pursue its aim to reduce the environmental impacts of buildings throughout their life cycles. She also pointed out that European assessment tools and guidelines need to be developed and applied as part of delivering resource efficiency in the building products industry.

In view of the benefits, Josefina Lindblom said increasing the use of recycled construction materials across the EU will no doubt contribute to improving the functioning of the markets for recycling, construction and demolition wastes.

During the event, it became very clear that the general conditions for construction materials recycling differ significantly in each EU member state, as outlined by the presentations given by the various EU members. In view of the ambiguity, Guenter Gretzmacher, vice president of EQAR, emphasized the necessity of creating uniform general conditions for recycled construction products.

EQAR, therefore, fully endorses uniform European targets for the end-of-waste and product recognition of quality-assured recycled construction materials. The Association already has its own European quality-assurance system and for the first time an EQAR award was granted at the congress.

Recipient Waermekombinat GmbH were recognized for their innovative floor heat accumulators made of recycled bricks. In addition, recognition prizes were awarded to several companies including: CDE Global (Ireland) for an innovative wet processing system; and Slovakia-based Prospect for their contribution to high-quality construction materials.

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