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Danish recycling firm chooses Liebherr machines

Liebherr 576 XPower wheel loader
Liebherr 576 XPower wheel loader in operation

RGS Nordic operate 40 XPower wheel loaders as part of recycling and materials handling operation

RGS Nordic, one of Denmark’s leading waste-management and recycling companies, operate a large construction equipment fleet of around 130 machines, around two-thirds of which have been supplied by Liebherr.

Every day more than 1,000 truckloads of construction and demolition waste, and other materials, arrive at RGS Nordic’s facilities to be converted into recycled and reusable products as part of the circular economy. Featuring wheel power-split travel drive as standard, around 40 Liebherr XPower wheel loaders of various sizes are used for materials handling as part of the recycling process.


Michael Jørgensen, strategic purchasing manager for RGS Nordic, commented: ‘The Liebherr wheel loaders need less fuel, are powerful and have hardly any downtime. We are particularly impressed that we achieve 30% more productivity with the same fuel consumption than with comparable wheel loaders in this size class.’

RGS Nordic have cited the easy handling, reliability, and fuel economy of the XPower loading shovels as key criteria for their purchase. Furthermore, lower fuel consumption also leads to reduced CO2 emissions, meaning the machines align perfectly with RGS Nordic's core values.

As operators of one of the largest waste-management sites in Denmark, recycling construction, demolition, and excavator waste is a top priority for RGS Nordic. The Liebherr XPower wheel loaders are currently playing a major role in helping the company embrace circular driven economy activities and become a sustainable business.

Materials handling duties for the Liebherr machines range from transporting bulky waste materials to feeding the numerous crushing and screening plant with various construction wastes. At the end of the process, the machines load the recycled materials on to trucks ready for delivery to RGS Nordic customers for use on a wide variety of construction projects requiring recycled aggregates and sustainable solutions.


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