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Caterpillar unveil new 352F LXE excavator

Cat 352F LXE excavator

New Cat machine offers increased fuel efficiency, enhanced controllability and improved serviceability

THE new Caterpillar 352F LXE excavator is said to provide significant fuel savings thanks to the US manufacturer’s exclusive Adaptive Control System (ACS) valve, which has been designed to intelligently manage hydraulic flow and restriction. According to Caterpillar, the 352F LXE model uses up to 15% less fuel with no reduction in productivity compared with the standard 352F L excavator.

The ACS valve on the 352F LXE ensures that hydraulic flow is delivered in the precise volume where and when it is needed to deliver powerful lifting and digging forces.


Key benefits of the ACS system include: better controllability; smoother operation; and greater efficiency, resulting in reduced fuel consumption as the hydraulic pumps only produce the volume of oil required for the job at hand. The valve technology also features an automatic warm-up function that quickly brings hydraulic oil to operating temperature for fast starts during cold mornings.

Further fuel-savings on the 352F LXE unit can be achieved by three power modes – High, Standard and Economy – that allow the operator to select an engine operating speed to match the application. In addition, an automatic engine speed control system lowers the rev/min to match the machine’s operating load, and an idle shutdown system stops the engine after a pre-set idling interval.

The 352F LXE’s lower frame is reinforced for reduced servicing, while the upper frame uses special mounts to support the ROPS cab. The Cat excavator is fitted with a box section 6.9m reach boom (with 2.9m or 3.35m sticks) or a 6.5m mass boom (with 2.5m or 3.0m sticks), both of which feature multi-plate fabrications using baffle plates for added strength, and castings and forgings in high-stress areas.

For optimum rigidity, the counterweight is bolted directly to the mainframe. The 352F LXE’s heavy-duty variable gauge undercarriage also incorporates massive track frames and high-strength steel track shoes, links, rollers and idlers.

Powered by a Cat C13 ACERT engine that meets EU Stage IV emission standards, the machine utilizes electronic control to deliver optimum power, reduced emissions and high fuel efficiency in all operating conditions.

Routine maintenance points are easily accessed from ground level, including fluid taps and filters. Advanced monitoring technologies such as the Cat Grade Control and Cat Payload are standard on the 352F LXE. The former gives real-time bucket tip elevation guidance, while the latter provides real-time weighing information as the boom swings for fast, efficient loading and optimum payloads. 


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