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Ballyclare launch new ProTec workwear range

Ballyclare ProTec workwear

New workwear range brings higher standards of protection for wearers in mines and quarries

BALLYCLARE, one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of both general workwear and specialist protective clothing, have extended their Category III ‘Life-Saving’ workwear range with the launch of a new and innovative range of multi-hazard protective garments designed to meet the needs of wearers in a variety of mining and quarrying applications.

The new Ballyclare ProTec workwear range includes a comprehensive selection of flame-retardant garments which offer protection against various hazards such as electrical arc flashes, static discharges, welding sparks, molten metal and many more.

‘We’ve used our experience and our expertise to create a new solution for anyone who needs multi-hazard, flame-retardant garments that will provide maximum protection at all times,’ said Ballyclare’s sales and marketing director, Roger Foster.


Designed to combine maximum comfort with outstanding protection and durability for people working in dangerous, flammable or other high-risk environments, the ProTec range offers trousers, jackets, coveralls, long-sleeve polo shirts, sweatshirts and bib-and-brace garments.

Among the many features found on these garments are funnel-neck collars, chevron reflective strips, YKK zips, elasticated waists, adjustable hook-and-loop cuffs, utility pockets and triple needle stitching, for maximum safety, comfort, practicality and durability.

‘The various garments are available in hi-vis orange and a hi-vis yellow/navy combination,’ continued Mr Foster. ‘They satisfy the requirements of many different regulatory standards, so you can be sure they are more than capable of meeting the demands placed on them.’

Male garments are available from stock via the new Ballyclare website, with female-fit items available to order. The ProTec garments can also be worn with Ballyclare’s flame-retardant base-layer and underwear, allowing customers to source a complete clothing solution from a single specialist supplier.

Also included in the ProTec range are waterproof jackets, trousers and coveralls made from technically advanced Gore-Tex Pyrad fabric. These garments combine the same ProTec protection with the added benefit of reliable and breathable waterproofing.

When exposed to heat and flame, the laminated construction of the Gore-Tex Pyrad fabric forms a stable and non-flammable char layer which protects the wearer. Its robust nature and excellent insulation properties retain the physical integrity of the laminate and prevent the formation of any holes.

According to Ballyclare, the ProTec Gore-Tex Pyrad garments offer a far more lightweight and comfortable solution than traditional, bulky, waterproof, arc flash protective clothing.

‘The feel of them is far closer to that of high-end garments made for walking and running, yet they still provide outstanding protection against wet weather and many different types of arc flash hazards,’ added Mr Foster. ‘The lightweight fabric ensures the wearer can maintain a comfortable body temperature and also provides the freedom of movement they need.

‘This encourages people to wear the garments at all times, and allows them to work for longer in difficult conditions. It also extends the range of working environments and applications where the ProTec range can provide the ultimate workwear solution.’

Available in hi-vis orange and designed to be equally comfortable for both male and female wearers, the ProTec Gore-Tex Pyrad garments comply with a wide range of EN standards.


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