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Woods choose Bell Equipment again

Bell L2606E wheel loader

Plant hire and contracting firm replaces two Bell L2606E wheel loaders with like-for-like models 

DERBYSHIRE-based Woods have upgraded two of their Bell L2606E loaders with like-for-like models as part of the contractor’s continued investment in its crushing and screening division.

Woods’ crushing and screening operations have grown significantly in recent years; with the business now producing more than 2 million tonnes of high-quality materials each year. 

To maintain high levels of productivity and meet customer expectations, Woods regularly renew their plant and equipment within its active fleet; replacing vehicles with newer models to keep output and efficiency at optimum levels.

Before the company took delivery of the new Bell L2606E loaders, the machines were showcased on the Bell Equipment stand and in the demonstration area at the recent Hillhead 2016 exhibition. Now being put through their paces at two different quarry locations, the wheel loader, with capabilities and features already familiar to the Woods’ team, are once again proving their worth. 

‘After having enjoyed a brief pit stop at Hillhead, and attracting attention both on the Bell stand and in the demo area, our new L2606Es have now been delivered and are thriving in the crushing and screening environment,’ commented John Hattersley, managing director of Woods. 

‘We’ve put Bell loaders through their paces in the past, so we’ve every confidence that these machines will be up to the task. If a particular machine proves itself to us in terms of yield, reliability, strength and quality, it makes sense to replace that exact same model when it’s time for a fleet replenishment – which is why we returned to Bell Equipment for our most recent wheel loaders.’

He continued: ‘The original machines, which were purchased in 2011, had proven themselves to be great tools, with each racking up an average of 8,000 hours. However, the time for replacement had come and with the cost of ownership being so competitive for us and the residuals against newer machines looking impressive, it made sense to secure new vehicles.’

With its top of the range specification, on-board weighing features, extra heavy duty axles and best-in-class 'Quadcool’ system, the L2606E wheel loader has been designed to work across the widest possible variety of applications. 

Woods have also been impressed by the customer service and technical support provided by Bell Equipment, and the latest machine purchases continue a successful business relationship between the two.

Richard Higgott, sales and marketing manager for Bell Equipment, said: ‘We’re delighted to learn that John and his team have so much confidence in the L2606E model, choosing to reinvest in its capabilities and capacity to deliver on residuals. We know the wheel loader is a fantastic machine, but the real proof of a machine’s worth is when customers believe the same.’

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