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Wirtgen surface miner for Dutch cement company

Eerste Nederlandsche Cement Industrie (ENCI), based in Maastricht, use limestone from only one deposit. To date, the limestone has been quarried but the bottom section of the deposit consists of marl which up until now has not been used in the cement production process. Long-term trails are currently being carried out to find out if the marl can be used as aggregate in the cement production process.

ENCI are currently working in the quarry about 30m below the groundwater table but about 13m above sea level and have permission to remove material down to 5m above sea level. As blasting is not permitted below the groundwater table and the material is too hard for excavators, ENCI decided to try using a Wirtgen surface miner 2200 SM.

The surface miner removes material at a consistent and continuous rate at a working depth of around 27cm, and is capable of extracting marl at a rate of between 660 tonnes/h and 720 tonnes/h. The excavation rate is so high that the required 4,000 tonnes per week of marl required as aggregate can be obtained in a single two-shift working day (16h).

An added advantage of the surface miner is that the resulting material is so fine grained that the crusher stage could prove to be unnecessary, and it only requires one person to operate it.


The 2200 SM is the latest product from Wirtgen designed for both road milling and quarrying applications. By adding extra weights and reinforcing several components an operating weight of over 50 tonnes is achieved for use in quarrying applications. The dimensions of the machine allow for rapid transfer without the need to dismantle various assemblies. To use the machine as a road milling unit the milling drum and the crawler shoes of the crawler tracks are replaced.


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