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Trime X-BOOT kicks muddy footwear into touch

Trime footwear wash system

New washing system helps keep site offices, canteens, workshops and vehicle interiors clean and tidy

WHILST the inspiration to innovate can come in many different forms, an irate office cleaner berating a site manager about muddy boots mucking up her clean floors was the inspiration behind a brand-new product from Trime – the X-BOOT. ‘It was this chance encounter at a construction site that got us thinking,’ explained Paul Hay, managing director of Trime UK.

Deploying techniques used to produce the company’s award-winning X-SPLASH wash bay, Trime’s development team set about designing a boot-cleaning system that would not only recycle water, but also help to keep offices, canteens workshops and vehicle interiors clean and tidy. The result was the Trime X-BOOT.

The Trime X-BOOT is a footwear wash system that is able to recycle 100% of the water it uses. Its innovative design allows the water to be used many times, whilst the X-BOOT’s filtration system collects the soil and mud for easy disposal by way of a removable textile bag.

The X-BOOT has been designed to collect up to 1,000kg of dirt, mud and other contaminates, saving more than 20,000 litres of water per week. Seven people can use the X-BOOT at any one time, using handy cleaning brushes to ensure that their footwear is properly cleaned. The unit can be positioned on site using a fork-lift truck or telehandler, operates off a safe 110V and can be set up for use within minutes.

‘With water usage and the appropriate disposal of contaminates being a serious issue, we believe that the use of our X-BOOT will eliminate drainage issues and severely reduce the amount of water used on sites,’ said Mr Hay.

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