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Trime create a lighting tower Monster

Trime X-Mine Monster lighting tower

Italian construction machinery manufacturer introduces the new X-Mine Monster all-terrain lighting tower

THE Trime Group, Italian manufacturers of a range of environmentally sensitive construction machinery, have launched the Trime X-Mine Monster, a brand-new lighting tower fitted to a wide crawler undercarriage to ensure the unit remains secure and stable in all terrain, for safe delivery of bright lighting levels irrespective of ground conditions.

Should the X-Mine Monster encounter a short climb or descent, its dynamic levelling system automatically tilts the mast, ensuring that the unit remains perfectly vertical at all times and that the lamps remain steady for correctly targeted lighting.


The X-Mine Monster is fitted with 30 multi-directional and adjustable 150W energy-saving LED lamps. This equates to 5,700W of light fitted on a 10m hydraulically foldable mast with 240° rotation that delivers up to 24,500 sq m of illumination.

Trime say the X-Mine Monster is easy to operate and simple to manoeuvre. It has a maximum driving speed of 2.2km/h and is remotely controlled via a Wi-Fi-enabled, joystick-operated console. Ground-level headlamps are fitted so that all base operations are carried out safely.

The X-Mine Monster has a high-capacity 150-litre fuel tank, allowing it to run continuously for up 94h, whilst a useful 9kVA of auxiliary power is also available at 48V DC.

Trime believe the X-Mine Monster is the only lighting tower with a 10m articulated and fully hydraulic telescopic mast with the ability to provide safe lighting in areas that would be difficult to access with a traditional vertical lighting tower.


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