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Trime set to launch TEKNO-SPRAY

TEKNO-SPRAY dust-suppression machine

Italian manufacturer ready to unveil new range of dust-suppression units with added-value features

THE Trime Group – an Italian manufacturing organization – are set to unveil their brand-new range of dust-suppression machines.

‘This is a new product range from us, but not a new product range for us,’ said Simon Dalu, Trime Group’s export manager. ‘The Trime team has over a decade of experience in manufacturing and marketing a complete range of dust-suppression machinery. We are now ready to launch this advanced line of equipment under the TEKNO-SPRAY brand.

‘The overall appearance of the TEKNO-SPRAY sets are not too dissimilar to those that are already on the market, but it’s the added-value items that we have integrated into the TEKNO-SPRAY units that make them stand out from other dust suppression products,’ said Mr Dalu.

All TEKNO-SPRAY machines feature the ROT system – a special package, exclusive to Trime, that allows the user of the dust-suppression unit to have fingertip remote control (R) of oscillation (O) and titling (T), allowing them to accurately direct the water spray for close-control dust suppression.

Trime believe that remote-control operation is the safest option, allowing the user to remain at a safe distance, whilst still having full control over the machine’s performance.

‘We are aware of some instances where other dust-suppression machines have overturned due to the rotating water cannon colliding with a fixed object,’ said Mr Dalu. ‘So, for safety, we’ve fitted our TEKNO-SPRAY sets with an automatic clutch that stops the cannon’s rotation should it detect even the slightest touch. This will help ensure that that our sets stay upright and stable at all times.’

Correct and safe handling and positioning of a dust-suppression unit on site is also very important, and to this end Trime have equipped their TEKNO-SPRAY units with a finely balanced central lifting hook and a foldable tow bar, eliminating the need to use more risky lifting chains, hooks and slings.

In addition to dust-suppression machines, Milan-based Trime Group manufacture water-saving wash bays, sustainable lighting towers, and standard, hybrid and solar-powered generators.

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