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Three new Cat 730C ADTs for Kelston Sparkes

Cat 730C articulated dumptruck

Plant hire contractor purchases UK’s first fleet of new C-Series articulated dumptrucks

SOUTH West-based contractors Kelston Sparkes have purchased three new Cat 730C articulated dumptrucks, becoming the first customer in the UK to purchase the recently launched machines.

Having previously purchased the first Cat 740A and Cat 725A machines in 2006, the recent purchase represents a major vote of confidence for the newly launched Cat 730C, that is said to boast higher productivity and lower costs.


Commenting on the deal, Kelston Sparkes partner Rob Stark said: ‘The Finning team introduced us to the latest Cat 730C at a demonstration event at the Peterlee factory proving ground, where we were able to see the equipment in action and test it for ourselves.

‘As a main contractor we are interested in productivity, safety and fuel efficiency. We had a choice between the new Cat 725C and the Cat 730C for the applications we work in and felt that the 16% productivity differential with the new Cat 730C was a real selling point.

‘The truck also has an automatic retarder and the change in transmission makes the operation a lot smoother. We compared the difference between the new unit and other competitor products and felt that Caterpillar had really made some inroads with the new machine.

‘It has been significantly improved when compared with previous models, and for us as contractors, we were really pleased that both Finning and Caterpillar showed an interest and understanding of our business needs.

‘There is nothing like enthusiasm to sell a good product and with the Finsight solution that we have also gone for, we feel confident in running the machines. We are also safe in the knowledge that one of the team at Finning is monitoring the performance of the whole fleet, as it’s essential we achieve the higher productivity capable with the Cat 730C.’

Finning say the new Cat 730C and sister model Cat 725C were launched in January 2014 and are now available to UK customers.


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