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The Rokbak roadmap: four key themes

Rokbak are using their presence at Conexpo 2023 to highlight innovation, sustainability, connected services and efficiencies Rokbak are using their presence at Conexpo 2023 to highlight innovation, sustainability, connected services and efficiencies

Innovation, sustainability, connected services and efficiencies in focus at Conexpo 2023

ROKBAK are using their presence at Conexpo 2023 to highlight four connected product focus areas that will continue to shape the company’s development journey and have been created from customer feedback, market research, technology advancements and product performance improvements.

The four themes – innovation, sustainability, connected services and efficiencies – are said to encompass everything from future product developments to reducing operational costs.


‘We’re always innovating, designing and building to keep our haulers rock solid,’ said Rokbak’s senior product manager, Scott Pollock. ‘Following the success of our rebrand 18 months ago, we are now moving into the next phase of the Rokbak development journey. Our four product themes will be used to develop Rokbak’s future product and product services offerings, aligned to customer needs.’

One of the future developments that Rokbak are currently working on is their next-generation cab for the RA30 and RA40 articulated haulers. Key benefits of the new design include higher levels of operator comfort and improved performance, a modern ergonomic layout and displays, ease of operation and future-proofing functionalities for automation and connectivity.

Other areas under this theme include using technological advances, modern component specifications and fuel economy to reduce customer operating costs. These reductions have been achieved through things including extended time between scheduled maintenance, fuel efficiencies, longer-life fluids and filter systems. This has led to an average cost reduction for the Stage V / Tier 4 Final RA30 of 19% per hour, and 10% for the RA40.

As part of the Volvo Group, Rokbak say their long-term plans are aligned with the Group’s sustainability values. This includes the Volvo Group target to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

Rokbak are reviewing technical solutions that will allow them to achieve their sustainability goals. All Rokbak haulers are built for low fuel consumption and global CO2 emissions compliance. Both the RA30 and RA40 are compatible with hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), which allows customers to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Connected services
Rokbak’s improved Haul Track telematics system is helping machine owners to manage total cost of ownership by keeping an eye on everything from fuel consumption and machine usage, to problems that, if neglected, could lead to repairs or unplanned downtime. The bespoke system gives customers more visibility and control of their machines with live data viewable on desktop computers and mobile devices. This includes locating equipment and monitoring productivity and operational costs by keeping track of everything from scheduled maintenance planning, early fault warning and performance management information.

Moreover, Haul Track is now AEMP enabled, allowing for mixed-fleet management via a single communication platform.

Rokbak say their fuel-efficient drivetrains deliver powerful performance and meet worldwide emission standards with low cost of operation and low environmental impact. The high-performance drivetrain has responsive, usable power with adaptive shifting for low fuel consumption and operating costs.

Another efficiency aspect of the Rokbak design is easy service access, making the RA30 and RA40 quick and simple to maintain with ground-level test points, electric-lift hoods and tilting cabs, enabling high uptime and productivity.

‘Rokbak haulers deliver new benchmarks in both performance and total cost of ownership and reinforce the company’s commitment to sustainability and journey to net-zero as part of the Volvo Group,’ concluded Mr Pollock. ‘Customer needs will continue to guide our product strategy and we will continue to invest in our Rokbak products and services.’


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