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Tarmac roll out the RED dryer

RAP Ecological dryer

State-of-the-art RAP Ecological Dryer (RED) installed at Tarmac’s Cross Green asphalt plant

TARMAC have increased their capacity to process recycled asphalt planings (RAP) by investing in a new, state-of-the-art RAP Ecological Dryer (RED dryer), currently one of only four units in the UK.

The new technology, which has been installed at Tarmac’s Cross Green asphalt plant, in Leeds, is capable of using up to 50% RAP – the highest grade permitted to be reused on the local road network.

Tarmac, who are continuing to expand their capacity to supply high volumes of RAP, have also invested in RED dryers at their Cornelly and Coxhoe quarries.

The RED dryer, which will benefit local authorities, contractors and network operators, accepts a mix of RAP and primary aggregates direct from the existing cold-feed system, removing the need for any secondary RAP processing equipment.

The unique system provides a highly efficient drying process which brings operational and environmental benefits compared with previous methods of heating RAP products.

Dr Martyn Kenny, director of sustainability at Tarmac, said: ‘Tarmac’s investment in RAP recycling technology builds on our capacity to provide customers with high-quality asphalt products that have strong environmental benefits.

‘Many local authorities are now setting percentage targets for the use of recycled materials in roads and it is therefore important that we have a dedicated network of plants with the technology to reprocess recycled materials at the highest grades.

‘With this technology and our manufacturing expertise, we are supporting customers in meeting their sustainability goals, as well as helping them understand the opportunities to reuse recycled materials in their highways projects.’

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