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SunSkips partner with McLanahan

Representatives from SunSkips on the McLanahan stand at Hillhead 2024  Representatives from SunSkips on the McLanahan stand at Hillhead 2024

McLanahan win contract to supply modular washing and water-treatment system for SunSkips

McLANAHAN have won a contract to supply a wash plant to SunSkips, a skip-hire and waste-management service based in Stowmarket. The system, which includes a McLanahan UltraSCRUB modular scrubbing plant and McLanahan UltraSAND plant, will help SunSkips limit the amount of construction and demolition (C&D) waste going to landfill.

The system also includes an HRT10 thickener that will allow SunSkips to recycle most of their process water for reuse while limiting the volume of waste fines sent to the settling pond. The complete system will process construction, demolition, and excavation waste, as well as trommel fines.


The UltraSCRUB and UltraSAND units will allow SunSkips to produce three aggregate products of varying sizes and one sand product from C&D debris streams. The raw material will be fed on to the single-deck pre-screen module part of the UltraSCRUB unit to separate out fine sand particles ahead of the scrubbing process.

The sand will flow into the sump of the UltraSAND plant and be pumped to a hydrocyclone where the silt will be removed. The underflow of deslimed and partially dewatered solids will discharge on to a dewatering screen to create a drip-free product that can be conveyed to a stockpile.

Meanwhile, the coarse aggregates that pass through the pre-screen module will be fed into the UltraSCRUB’s coarse material screw washer module, which will remove wood, plastics, organics, and other trash from the aggregate. The aggregate will then pass over a double-deck sizing screen, sorting the product into 10mm, 20mm, and +20mm aggregate sizes that will be discharged on to respective conveyors and stockpiled.

The effluent from the scrubbing and washing processes will be sent to the HRT10 thickener to concentrate the solids in the waste stream, recovering immediately reusable process water and limiting the volume of material sent to the settling pond.

‘We are excited to provide another solution in the UK marketplace that deals with trommel fines. SunSkips are a rapidly growing and dynamic company and McLanahan are delighted to be part of their journey,’ said Donal McNicholl, McLanahan’s director of sales for the UK and Ireland.

Mat Stewart, managing director of Sun Environmental Services, added: ‘After evaluating numerous suppliers, we chose McLanahan due to their extensive industry knowledge, history, and build quality. Their UltraSCRUB is a key component of our wash plant at Thetford, and we’re confident in their ability to deliver and install the best equipment. McLanahan’s global reputation and comprehensive support made them the ideal choice for this new venture.’


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