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SEW-Eurodrive launch fully revamped website

SEW-Eurodrive website

User-friendly site offers a wide selection of new content and functions accessible from range of devices

SEW-Eurodrive have launched a new user-friendly website for the UK that offers a wide selection of new content and functions where customers can find the exact the information they need, quickly and directly.

The new site can be accessed on a range of different devices, from PCs and tablets through to smartphones, allowing customers to access the information on the platform of their choice.

The structure of the new site ensures accurate responses to all enquiries, provides good orientation and points of reference, reliably takes users to where they need to go, and makes relevant information quick to find and read.

For customers, Online Support has replaced the Drive Gate customer portal and is now an integrated part of the new website rather than a separate platform.

This brings several new benefits. For example, customers now stay within one system and do not have to leave the website. The logical structure is based on process stages and ensures straightforward, direct access to the functions relevant to each customer.

In addition, many online services can be accessed without any need to log in, as now only those functions that involve customer-specific content require user registration.

Also, as part of the restructuring, there is a host of new and expanded functions to support users and provide them with the information they need, including quick retrieval of CAD data and documentation, simple product configuration and clearly structured transaction management, among many others.

In the Products section, users can access the new SEW-Eurodrive Product Finder. This makes it much easier to find the right products, as users are guided step by step to the relevant product within the company’s extensive portfolio. The product pages themselves then provide a wide range of detailed, context-specific information.

In summary, the new SEW-Eurodrive website ( offers: easy access to information, eg via quick, direct links from the home page to popular sub-sites; fast navigation, with quick access to contact searches, the shopping cart and the data and documents section; a refined search function; improved user-friendliness thanks to icons and several help features, particularly in the Online Support section; a Product Finder that guides users to the right product step by step; and smooth integration of customer portal functions into the new website.

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