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RMC Aggregates win top Welsh environment award

RMC Aggregates have been recognised as one of the two most environmentally responsible and community-focused organisations in Wales at the Welsh Environment Awards 2000. The award, received by Richard Millard, director/general manager of RMC Aggregates South Wales, was made in recognition of the company's support for, and contribution to, the RMC Greenlink environmental initiative, which brings together business, industry and schools in a way which creates significant benefit to the environment, the school and the employer. The initiative has been described as a 'national template' for the implementation of such community- and environment-based link-ups.

'The quarrying industry has made enormous progress in the fields of environmental performance and community relations in recent years and this award is a strong vindication of our efforts,' said Mr Millard. 'We are committed to continuing our support for the Greenlink scheme and indeed to continuing to expand it to the benefit of the community, the children and the environment of South Wales.'

Established in 1996, RMC Greenlink has played a key role in establishing links between schools, business and industry in a way which has the shared aim of ensuring that supporting companies operate in an environmentally responsible way and play their part in reducing waste throughout the industry supply chain. From the young person's viewpoint, the scheme provides an opportunity, through education, for them to have the chance to make their own decisions on future sustainable development based on balanced information.

Working in partnership with the Groundwork Trust and with support from The Vale of Glamorgan Council and Education Business Partnership, RMC Aggregates have, as principal sponsors of Greenlink, played an active role in expanding the scheme from its origins in 10 schools in the Vale of Glamorgan to its position today working with 20 schools and operating in a geographical region which now includes Neath and Port Talbot.


The process is now well established and highly recommended by the educational establishments involved. Greenlink first recruits a school, organises a teacher training day followed by an industry representatives' and teachers' lunch. This is followed by a research visit by the teachers to the industry organisation and a reciprocal visit by managers from the company to the school.

Finally the pupils undertake a 'live' project based on issues of the environment including such factors as waste management and environmental management systems. The project is also likely to include the subjects of transportation, restoration, ecology, archaeology and community relations and awareness.

RMC, who have five quarries, a landfill site and a network of wharves in the area, have found that taking part in the Greenlink initiative at an operational level, in addition to their role as principal sponsors, has shown measurable success in terms of employee awareness of environmental issues.

Commenting after the awards ceremony, Richard Millard said: 'The real winners here are the environment, the children being educated in South Wales and the local partner organisations who are establishing positive links within the communities from which they draw their employees and many of their customers. It makes good business sense and good environmental sense.' 


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