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PMG Services heap high praise on Hyundai machine

Hyundai HW210A wheeled excavator

New HW210A wheeled excavator helps company meet recycling and sustainability targets

BRISTOL-based PMG Services have taken delivery of a new-generation Hyundai A-series wheeled excavator, as the waste-management firm looks to streamline processes at its recycling facility and enhance its overall sustainability.   

PMG Services are committed to alleviating the environmental impact of their customers’ operations from cleaning to removal and safe disposal of waste, through to recycling of materials wherever possible. Last year, the company processed 18,000 tonnes of road sweeper and gully waste, diverting it away from landfill.


PMG Services purchased the Hyundai HW210A wheeled excavator for housekeeping tasks and loading their recycling plants and lorries with sand and stone products that are produced for reuse in the construction industry– and the new machine is proving a vital tool for the company so far. 

From its upgraded, low-emission Stage V engine to a new, cutting-edge cabin design, the HW210A is a heavy-duty excavator that has been designed to help recycling operators achieve higher levels of productivity.

Paul McGuiness, assistant operations manager for PMG Services, said: ‘The cab in the new A-series is a lot more spacious and offers great visibility. You’ve also got the 360-degree camera system with the radar which helps you to see who's around you. With the bigger windows and more glass, you can see further so you don’t have to rely on the cameras but they provide great reassurance when needed.’

The HW210A is equipped with a fuel-efficient Cummins B6.7 Stage V engine, which delivers impressive power and performance with 31% more peak torque and 5% more peak power than its predecessor. In addition, Hyundai’s EPFC hydraulic system, in conjunction with variable power control, allows the machine to deliver the exact performance when needed. 


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