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Peace pyramid all set to rock

Kevin Mone

Yorkshire-based Mone Bros. donate large chunk of stone to the Earth Pyramid Project

AN innovative and ambitious project to construct a massive time capsule ‘peace pyramid’ in Malaysia has benefited from a large chunk of Bramley Fall stone sourced from Mone Brothers’ Blackhill Quarry in north Leeds.

The project is the brainchild of Leeds-based Steve Ward, who said: ‘The Earth Pyramid Project started eight years ago when my daughter asked me ‘what about our future?’ after watching the Copenhagen climate talks.

‘As a result, we decided to come up with a project that would allow people to record their emotions about our planet and its direction of travel within thousands of time capsules incorporated within a giant pyramid.

‘It’s a legacy for future generations about our time on this planet and people in the future can see what we thought about our world,’ added Mr Ward, who has global construction engineering firm Arup on board to design the structure.

He continued: ‘There will be four chambers within the pyramid dedicated to children, digital preservation, government and indigenous peoples, and founders, with each containing records and testimonials from millions of people around the globe.

‘The foundation stones of pyramid itself will be constructed from various rocks from across the globe. I’m delighted that Mone Brothers have helped to support the scheme by donating one of our first pieces of rock.

‘It’s apt that the project, that had its genesis in this part of Yorkshire, should feature stone quarried nearby and I’m grateful to Kevin Mone (pictured) for his support for the project,’ added Mr Ward.

Work on the construction of the 50m high pyramid is expected to start in 2020.

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