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New Kleemann impact crusher for Mone Bros

Kleemann impact crusher

Yorkshire recycling firm boosts productivity with Mobirex MR 110 Z Evo 2 plant

ESTABLISHED in 1965, Mone Bros Ltd have become one of the most prominent names in the construction products, plant hire and recycling markets in the West Yorkshire region.

At the company’s Fireclay recycling centre in Leeds, where some 300,000 tonnes of construction and demolition (C&D) waste is processed every year, Mone Bros have taken delivery of a new Kleemann Mobirex MR 110 Z Evo 2 impact crusher to help increase productivity efficiently and cost-effectively.


The mobile crusher is currently reprocessing brick and concrete rubble into 6F2 crushed material, capping layers for road construction and higher-quality Type 1 sub-base. 

Due to the different incoming feed materials and varying quality standards that have to be met at Mone Bros’ Leeds recycling site, the Mobirex MR 110 Z Evo 2 was chosen and brought in to improve the overall production cycle at the centre, from increased tonnage capacity and superior grain quality to operational flexibility.

Thanks to an integrated, oversize grain return conveyor on the MR 110 Z Evo 2 impact crusher, the company is able to produce high tonnage rates of around 250 tonnes/h of recycled products for the local construction materials market. 

‘The product quality has also significantly increased,’ said Michael Coleman, managing director of Mone Bros. ‘The Kleemann impact crusher achieves a grain shape in one crushing stage that a jaw crusher could not come close to without a second crushing stage. The slightly higher fine content helps to bind the material during later use and, therefore, equates to the required quantity.’

In addition to product quality, the high performance of the Mobirex machine was another key deciding factor in the purchase of the mobile plant. According to Kleemann, while jaw crushers offer a recommended crushing ratio of 7:1 in recycling, impact crushers can deliver a ratio of 15:1; resulting in greater feed size and higher performance.

The MR 110 Z Evo 2 machine also has the advantage of offering environmental benefits with a diesel-direct-electric drive system that can reduce operating costs by up to 15%.


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