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Nynas commence bitumen deliveries from Harburg

Nynas truck loading facility

Important addition to company’s existing bitumen supply point network now fully operational

THE newly opened bitumen truck-loading facility at Nynas’ Harburg refinery, in Hamburg, Germany, is now fully operational. The new facility, which consists of four fully automated loading bays, allows Harburg to efficiently manage the entire supply chain from crude oil import to finished product dispatch, resulting in increased flexibility.

Nynas customers in Germany, France, Benelux and Switzerland will benefit from the new operation, which offers a reliable supply point with a wide range of bitumen products from the Nynas Performance Programme portfolio.

‘The new truck-loading facility in Harburg is an important addition to our existing supply point network,’ said Mario Jentzsch, sales director for Western Europe.

The vacuum distillation tower at the refinery is now also operational and successfully producing bitumen to specification. Together with the truck-loading facility, these investments will be important additions to Nynas’ supply network and their commitment to bitumen in the future.

‘The automated systems ensure the drivers can handle the loading of many different products from all loading bays. The new automated facility also offers the opportunity for Nynas to effectively manage the production of customized products when requested,’ continued Mr Jentzsch.

Nynas’ well-established safety awareness sets the benchmark for the way the new facility is managed and monitored. Before a tanker is allowed access, for example, the driver must undergo a site induction process and answer a number of questions to show that all the safety procedures have been understood.

The driver then enters an order number to start the loading process. This ensures that the correct product quality and volume are delivered every time. The facility is also equipped with a number of safety devices, for example overfill protection, which, in turn, is linked to a database for documentation and control.

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