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New Volvo package for Conlon Ltd

Volvo excavator

Company invests in six new excavators for its demolition and civil engineering operations   

WILTSHIRE-based Conlon have taken delivery of a new fleet of Volvo excavators as part of a machinery replacement plan for their demolition, civil engineering and groundworks businesses.  

Keeping an eye on running costs is a key driver for managing director Dermot Conlon. And the decision to purchase the package of Volvo machines came shortly after the business visited SMT GB’s successful ‘Live It, Dig It’ event, which was held in Reading last year. 

‘We sent our key operators along to make an objective evaluation of the latest range of Volvo excavators and they were impressed with its general performance and operator comfort,’ commented Mr Conlon. 

‘As a result, we decided to renew our acquaintance with Volvo machines and ordered four ECR145Es and two larger ECR355E reduced-swing excavators. Keeping the fleet young and fresh is a key driver for reducing the overall running costs of equipment and we are confident that the latest models from Volvo will help in this endeavour.’

He continued: ‘Opting for reduced-swing excavators instead of conventional machines means safer working on sites, especially when space becomes a premium. There’s certainly no issue with machine stability; the ECR355E, for example, is already demonstrating impressive digging and lifting performance.’

The 15.4-tonne ECR145E model is powered by a Volvo four-litre Stage V-compliant engine that develops 121 hp, whilst its larger brother, the 35.5-tonne ECR335E, is powered by a six-litre engine that produces 243hp.

The excavators are equipped with an advanced model control system that ensures maximum hydraulic horsepower is delivered at a constant engine speed, under varying load conditions. 

Both machines have ample dig reach and depth, as well as impressive lifting capacities for their respective size classes. The excavators also feature hammer/shear circuits, quick fit hydraulics and hose rupture valves (fitted to both boom and dipper cylinders) as standard.

Conlon are fully committed to exploring advanced technologies that help transform productivity processes which, in turn, maximizes profit and reduces equipment downtime. The use of Leica Geosystem’s 3D machine control system across the demolition contractor’s mobile fleet is an example of this, including the new Volvo excavators which have been equipped with this cutting-edge guidance technology. 

Mr Conlon said: ‘Having this GPS technology on board our equipment represents a huge saving on labour and, again, helps to keep our overall running costs at a minimum.

‘We are currently operating around 39 sites, up to 20 of which will require major excavation work. But I only need three civil engineers to manage all of this, thanks to having this technology installed across our machinery fleet.’

All of the new Volvo excavators have been supplied with SMT GB’s Level 2 ENHANCE service agreements, which ensures each machine is maintained by Volvo-trained service engineers, using genuine Volvo parts, filters and lubricants.

As part of the service support agreement, Conlon will have access to Volvo’s advanced CareTrack telematics subscription service, which allows fleet managers to view real-time operational data (eg fuel consumption, idling data, machine utilization etc) to help drive the company’s total running costs.

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