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New styling for Bobcat compact loaders

New Bobcat branding

Company introduces new ‘One Tough Animal’ branding and livery for machines in EMEA region 

BOBCAT have unveiled a new branding identity reflecting the company’s iconic ‘One Tough Animal’ message, whilst communicating the core qualities of its equipment: tough, agile and versatile. 

The new styling also unifies and strengthens the visual identity of all Bobcat product lines. It is now more modular and can be applied to machines of all different types and sizes.

As the first step of implementation of the brand refresh, the machine design element of the new scheme was used on the Bobcat R-Series mini-excavators launched last year. New styling decals have since been added and are being launched to complete the new brand identity. 

In the EMEA region, the M-Series loaders (S450, S510 and S530) will be the first product line to carry the new styling; these models will be made available from January 2020. The next product line featuring the full new design will be the R-Series loaders, again available in in 2020 in the EMEA market, followed by others later next year.

For a number of years, Bobcat’s products have enjoyed a strong identity composed of white, black and orange colours with the Bobcat logo.

‘The simple vertical and horizontal character lines and the flat surface of the styling have served us well,’ explained Jin Hup Yeu, from the Doosan Design Centre in Seoul, who led the design team. 

‘Yet, this is a completely new design for a new era and the very attractive silhouettes and optimal proportions emphasize its unique personality. Moreover, the new 3D-effect decal creates a more dynamic, three-dimensional look and feel with the machine’s exterior design.’

He continued: ‘The graphic design also radiates a compact and robust look well-suited to the equipment. Instead of simply straight lines, the new design uses a slight curve to better convey strength and toughness. And with a stronger, sharper and edgier profile, the new design communicates a more advanced, high-tech image.’

The design language is slightly different according to the type, function and size of the equipment. For example, the compact machines emphasize the ‘agile’ and ‘versatile’ qualities with a look that is stylish and sleek, while the larger tonnage models focus on their ‘tough’ and robust qualities.

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