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New Stage IV-compliant excavator from Caterpillar

Cat 340F excavator

Latest Cat 340F excavator offers higher levels of operator comfort, safety and fuel efficiency

CATERPILLAR have announced the launch of their new 340F excavator which features a spacious operators station, heavy-duty main structures for long-term durability and fuel-saving systems that reduce operational costs in a range of applications.

The Stage IV-compliant excavator is powered by a Cat C9.3 ACERT engine that delivers 226kW (310hp), while its powerful hydraulic system, with a maximum flow of 570 litres/min, provides high digging and lifting forces, as well as ample power for hydro-mechanical work tools.


The machine offers two power modes – standard and economy – allowing operators to select the appropriate engine speed to match the given application. The 340F unit is also equipped with automatic engine speed control which adjusts rev/min to match the excavator’s operating load, and an engine-idle shutdown system that stops the engine after a pre-set idling interval. These systems not only minimize fuel consumption, but also reduce emissions and extend service intervals.

The new 340F excavator incorporates Caterpillar’s SmartBoom technology, which increases productivity by reducing stress and vibration transmitted to the machine during operations such as rock scraping and hammering.

For overall system efficiency, major hydraulic components are located in close proximity – allowing shorter connecting tubes and hoses that reduce frictional losses and pressure reductions. The result, say Caterpillar, is reduced loading on the system for added fuel savings. The main control valve is designed to respond proportionally to control lever movement for precise control of hydraulic functions.

Fitted with a heavy-duty 6.5m reach boom and 3.2m stick, the 340F excavator has a maximum digging depth of 7.48m. An optional mass-excavation boom can be paired with a 2.55m stick for high production in large-scale earthmoving and heavy-material applications.

The Cat machine’s heavy-duty undercarriage provides a stable working base for excavating and lifting. Track chains are grease-lubricated to reduce internal pin and bushing wear, thereby extending undercarriage life and reducing travel noise.

Joystick controllers in the ROPS cab are mounted in height-adjustable consoles that complement the armrests and a fully adjustable, high-back seat. The cab’s large glass areas improve visibility, while special sealing and insulation help keep the operating environment clean and quiet.

For enhanced serviceability, routine maintenance points, such as fluid taps, filters and drain tubes, are easily accessible from ground level. And service-compartment doors have been specially designed to prevent debris entry and latch securely in the open position for machine maintenance.

The 340F excavator is supported by Caterpillar’s LINK technologies specially developed for fleet owners looking to increase productivity and reduce operating costs by tracking critical information (eg machine location, hours, fuel usage, idle time etc.) via the online VisionLink interface.


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