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New global portfolio of Kevlar engineered yarns

DuPont Kevlar

Latest engineered yarns help deliver comfortable, multi-hazard hand protection for workers

DUPONT Personal Protection have announced the launch of a new portfolio of patented DuPont Kevlar engineered yarns which combine cut- and heat-resistant soft-spun Kevlar materials, high-strength inorganic yarns, and elastic stretch-core yarns.

Through the development of personal protective equipment solutions made with Kevlar engineered yarns, DuPont say it is now possible to address multiple levels of protection without compromising on comfort and dexterity.


For example, with hand injuries continuing to present a significant risk to workers across many industries, selecting the appropriate protection for the task, whilst ensuring hand or arm protection is comfortable to wear, is key to enabling safety compliance in the workplace.

Kevlar engineered yarns can provide industry-leading multi-hazard protection against cut, heat, flame, and electric arc hazards. This versatility is key to providing hand and arm protection which can be used across a range job tasks and industries.

The use of Kevlar engineered yarns helps enable manufacturers to increase the level of protection without significantly increasing weight and thickness. The materials are also designed to help deliver enhanced breathability and moisture management.

‘We’re excited to launch this new line of innovative and multi-hazard Kevlar engineered yarns. It provides our Kevlar licensee partners access to a portfolio that includes a range of protection benefits as well as affordability levels,’ said Joel DeNardis, global marketing manager, Kevlar Industrials.

To address specific needs across industries, the Kevlar engineered yarns portfolio delivers next-generation performance across three new brands – Kevlar Xtreme, Kevlar Comfort, and Kevlar Essential yarns.

Kevlar Xtreme is for workers facing the most high-risk hazards and helps deliver unmatched multi-hazard protection against cut, heat, flame and arc flash hazards; Kevlar Comfort engineered yarns help provide the best comfort, soft touch, and dexterity without sacrificing cut and heat protection; and Kevlar Essential engineered yarns help provide reliable and affordable cut and heat protection with superior breathability for use in lighter-duty applications.


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