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New equipment operator monitoring service

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Caterpillar launch monitoring service to help manage equipment operator fatigue and distraction risks

CATERPILLAR have launched a 24/7 equipment operator monitoring service that will give customers the power to see, mitigate and manage the primary variable impacting their operations – the human factor.

Through industry-leading in-cab and wearable safety technologies, Caterpillar can now provide customers with visibility to both machine and operator information. Inside Caterpillar’s 24/7 monitoring centre (pictured), analysts correlate data about the health and productivity of operators and equipment to reveal the magnitude of conditions such as fatigue and distraction, and their impact on operations.


‘Our customers want better visibility to the interaction between operators and machines, and how behaviour impacts safety and productivity,’ said Tim Crane, Caterpillar safety services manager. ‘This innovative solution offers our customers the opportunity to mitigate risk and improve productivity.’

Caterpillar’s solution leverages industry-leading technologies to gain visibility to risk. The Driver Safety System (DSS), developed by Seeing Machines, an alliance partner of Caterpillar, includes an in-cab camera and alert system to notify the operator the moment a fatigue or distraction event occurs.

Events are tracked by analysts who also capture operator sleep quantity and quality information provided through the wrist-worn Cat Smartband, an actigraphy solution powered by Fatigue Science.

The enhanced visibility to risks extends beyond front-line employees to expose improvement opportunities throughout the organization, including education and training, shift scheduling, leadership coaching and other cultural elements.

The DSS and Cat Smartband are part of a growing suite of tools that assist customers in improving safety by recognizing that some risks are natural, inevitable and fully manageable, if made visible.

Combined with Cat machine data available through EMSolutions, Cat MineStar System and Cat Vital Information Management System (VIMS), operator performance data from the DSS and Smartband paint a powerful picture of fatigue and distraction risk, and its impact on productivity and profitability.

According to Caterpillar, property damage, increased fuel burn and tyre abuse have all been linked to fatigued or distracted operators.

‘Technology alone is not the silver bullet for a safer or more productive operation,’ said George Taylor, vice-president of Caterpillar’s Customer Services Support Division. ‘In fact, most technologies fail without proper consideration of the organizational culture and a plan to manage change.

‘Caterpillar’s safety solutions bring management and employees together to achieve excellence, providing customers with the greatest opportunity for successful implementation.’


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